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  • Diamond Jet 1200 Non-HEPA
OUT DRAWS sanders and edgers together.
-Runs up to 4 machines.*
-Total 1200 cfm available from motors, 582 cfm usable at hose end.
-120in waterlift capable.
-220v 26 amps 5,720w 60hz.
-4 large cast aluminum motors.
-Large 60+ sq ft Pre Filter, 7-11 Micron, Sand MORE.
-Large long lasting removable Certified 1500cfm HEPA Filter, 1ftx1ftx2ft
-4in piping to cyclone allows best in class air flow! -
-Comes with 110 ft of flexible hoses, accessories, and adapters to fit your machines. (This includes a 50ft sander hose, 50ft edger hose, and 10ft buffer hose)
-Can operate sanders 125 ft away (with 4in 25ft optional feed hose keep the same CFM at hose end).
-Dust barrel rolls on its own wheels to empty and attaches to the system to roll easily with cabinet assembled.
-Exhaust waste air outside using optional 4 inch x 25ft stretch hose, creates negative air pressure in the room! Stops swirling dust.
-Greatly increases sanding efficiency.
-Weight of system (208 lbs) Separates into two 100 lb pieces.
-Portable - Modular - comes apart into 5 pieces.
-Steel dust container for fire protection.
-Fits through 28in Doorway.

For dust collection systems to work efficiently they need to out draw the vacuum on the sander. Most sanders output about 240 cfm and edgers about 160 cfm. So minimum 400 cfm is needed. This takes power and this is why we draw up to 32amps.
-Optional 220 volt electric adapter runs sander and DCS using 25ft 8/3 feed wire connect to 50amp circuit, internal breaker. (Not included, order part #DSBOXSM)
Optional wireless remote add-on ($500 extra for this option)
Optional HEPA filter (Requires filter mount, $2000 extra for this option)

Use of plastic bags inside the barrel is no longer supported. We still offer components to make it work, but we will not install them nor will we troubleshoot any related problems. Use of a plastic bag in the barrel may cause poor dust separator performance, resulting in excessive amounts of dust in the filter cabinet.
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Manufacturer Part Number
US Sander DJ1200
US Sander DJ02
US Sander DJ01

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Diamond Jet 1200 Non-HEPA

  • Manufacturer US Sander
  • Product Code: ZVD1200
  • Availability: 5 - 10 Days
  • $9,500.00

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