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Drive Belt Sizes

Machine Belt Sizes

The chart below shows the belts that fit most machines. Pleases note that many of the older drum sanders had several different sizes of pulleys, so the correct belt size for your machine may be different from the ones listed. We recommend measuring your old belt and comparing it to the Belt Size Chart.

For belt dimensions, see the Belt Size Chart

Drum & Belt Sanders

Machine Drum Belt Fan Belt
American 8 Adjustable 5L390* 4L340*
American 8 Baldor 3VX375 3L320
American 8 Howell 5L400* 4L350*
American 8 Motor Kit 5L400 4L340
American 8 Peerless 5L400* 4L340*
Apollo 8 3VX375 3L270
Bona Belt PV328J7 or PV340J61 PV250J5 or PV260J5
Bona Super 8 3VX390 or 3VX400 3VX300
Clarke 504 5L390* or BX36* 4L330*
Clarke/Portercable CF12 BX40* 4L340*
Clarke/Portercable F89 B36* 4L310*
Classic 8" Narrow 3VX425 3L300
Classic 8" Wide B38 4L300
Cobra II
PV506J6 Or PV470J64 N/A
Floorcrafter 3VX375 3L280
Galaxy 2000 & Omega PV380J8 or PV390J82 PV360J5
Hummel HS186 HS187
KT Taurus & NT8 BX37 or BX363 3L280
Legend PV365K6 PV280J6
Orebro 10 AX32 3VX265
Silverline Pro 8 SS131 SS132A (Idler 3VX250)
Standard 8 4L400 or 4L410 4L370 or 4L360
* Some of these machines have different pulleys, so belt sizes may vary. Always measure your old belt to confirm what size you need.
1. PV328J7 fits serial number up to and including BB0623; PV340J6 fits serial number BB0624 and above.
2. PV380J8 fits most machines, but will be too tight on some older machines.
3. BX37 fits most machines, some very old machines take BX36.
4. PV506J6 (PJ1285) fits machines made before 2015 (2 idler pulleys); PV470J6 (PJ1194) fits machines made after 2015 (1 idler pulley)


Some extension edgers have different length noses, each taking a different belt. See the parts diagram for the correct belt.

Edger Belt
Bona Edge (Pre-2006)*
Bona Edge
Bona Edge XL
Bona Mini Edge
Bona Viking
Clarke CE7 CP18
Clarke SE7 CP19
Clarke Super E See Parts Diagram
DRE10 Radiator Edger 3L250
DRE13 Radiator Edger 3L310
Galaxy Elite GE10
Harvester Radiator Edger 3VX315
IOB 10" Radiator Edger 4L270
IOB 13" Radiator Edger 3L320
KT Vega VE10
Lagler Elan See Parts Diagram
Lagler Flip See Parts Diagram
Lagler Unico See Parts Diagram

* The Pre-2006 model has the light on the outside, the newer models have the light built in.
1. Bona edgers may have longer or shorter noses, which take different size belts. Always measure your old belt. See Measuring Belts

Other Machines

Machine Belt
Trio Fan
Trio Drive

Belt Dimensions

Belts are measured by the outer circle (see image below). See the charts below for the belt dimensions.

For a list of which belts fit each machine, see the Machine Belt List.

Outer Circle

3L, 4L & 5L Series Belts

L Series Belts
Number Outer Circle Number Outer Circle Number Outer Circle
3L180 18" 4L250 25" 5L250 25"
3L190 19" 4L260 26" 5L260 26"
3L200 20" 4L270 27" 5L270 27"
3L210 21" 4L280 28" 5L280 28"
3L220 22" 4L290 29" 5L290 29"
3L230 23" 4L300 30" 5L300 30"
3L240 24" 4L310 31" 5L310 31"
3L250 25" 4L320 32" 5L320 32"
3L260 26" 4L330 33" 5L330 33"
3L270 27" 4L340 34" 5L340 34"
3L280 28" 4L350 35" 5L350 35"
3L290 29" 4L360 36" 5L360 36"
3L300 30" 4L370 37" 5L370 37"
3L310 31" 4L380 38" 5L380 38"
3L320 32" 4L390 39" 5L390 39"
3L330 33" 4L400 40" 5L400 40"
3L340 34" 4L410 41" 5L410 41"
3L350 35" 4L420 42" 5L420 42"
3L360 36" 4L430 43" 5L430 43"
3L370 37" 4L440 44" 5L440 44"
3L380 38" 4L450 45" 5L450 45"
3L390 39" 4L460 46" 5L460 46"
3L400 40" 4L470 47" 5L470 47"

A, AX, B & BX Series Belts

The only difference between B and BX belts is the BX is cogged to make it more flexible.

B & BX Series Belts
Number Outer Circle Number Outer Circle
A32 & AX32
B39 & BX39
B32 & BX32 35" B40 & BX40 43"
B33 & BX33 36" B41 & BX41 44"
B34 & BX34 37" B42 & BX42 45"
B35 & BX35 38" B43 & BX43 46"
B36 & BX36 39" B44 & BX44 47"
B37 & BX37 40" B45 & BX45 48"
B38 & BX38 41" B46 & BX46 49"

3VX Series Belts

3VX Series Belts
Number Outer Circle Number Outer Circle
3VX265 26.5" 3VX390 39"
3VX300 30" 3VX400 40"
3VX315 31.5" 3VX410 41"
3VX355 35.5" 3VX425 42.5"
3VX375 37.5" 3VX475 47.5"

Poly V Type Belts

Poly V belts are measured by the diameter and the number of ribs. The number of ribs is the number after the letter J.
For example, a PV390J8 has 8 ribs. The size dimension is the same for all widths.

Poly V Type Belts
Ribs Width
4 .368"
5 .460"
6 .552"
7 .644"
8 .736"
10 .920"
Number Outer Circle Number Outer Circle
PV240J 24.5" PV360J 36.5"
PV250J 25.5" PV370J 37.5"
PV260J 26.5" PV380J 38.5"
PV270J 27.5" PV390J 39.5"
PV280J 28.5" PV400J 40.5"
PV290J 29.5" PV410J 41.5"
PV300J 30.5" PV420J 42.5"
PV310J 31.5" PV430J 43.5"
PV320J 32.5" PV440J 44.5"
PV330J 33.5" PV450J 45.5"
PV340J 34.5" PV460J 46.5"
PV350J 35.5" PV470J 47.5"

Bona Edger Belts

Bona edgers (excluding the Advantedge) use a T5 series cog belt. These belts come in 4 different lengths, depending on the edger model and nose length. Because the edger models look so similar it is difficult to determine what belt is needed. We recommend measuring the belt length or counting the number of teeth. If your belt is still in good condition you may be able to read the numbers - the belt size will begin with T5-, followed by the length in millimeters. For example, the JBE10 belt will be T5-545.

Part # Length (mm) Length (Inches) Number of teeth
JBM10 455mm 17-7/8" 91
JBE10 545mm 21-7/16" 109
JBV10 690mm 27-3/16" 138
JBV11 900mm 35-7/16" 180

Measuring Belts

If you have an older machine, you may need to measure the belt to match it up. If you do not have a belt, or your belt is broken, you will need to measure around the pulleys.

Measuring your old belt

Most belts are measured by the outer diameter, or outer circle. This is the length around the outside of the belt. If you have a flexible tape measure (typically used for measuring fabric, these can be found in sewing stores) you can wrap it around the outside of the belt. This will give you the outer diameter of the belt, which can be compared to the charts above.
Another method is to place a mark on the belt and a mark on a board. Line up these marks, then roll the outside of the belt along the board until the belt mark cones around and contacts the board. Place a second mark on the board that lines up with the belt mark. Now measure the distance between the 2 marks on the board. This will give you the outer diameter.

Measuring without a belt

If you do not have a belt to measure, you will need to measure around the belt pulleys. Always measure around the outside of the pulley, not the groove where the belt rides. For V belts, this will be the correct diameter. For Poly V and cog belts, this will be the inside diameter, which is about 1/2" shorter than the outside diameter. You will need to add about 1/2" to the measured dimension.
The measurement can be done either with a flexible tape measure, or with a string. When using a string, wrap the string around the pulleys and place a mark where it meets. Lay the string out straight and measure it.