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UFO Usage

Sanding stain jobs with the UFO

We recommend finish sanding with screens for stain jobs. Screens finish sand the finest. Remember to vacuum the floor before running the orbital on the floor and before the final screening for stain. To finish sand the finest with the UFO we recommend the final orbital sand to be with the grain. Keep the handle in line with the grain and push and pull the buffer forward and backward like a drum sander with the grain. Sand from left to right and half lap the pad across the floor as you sand. When sanding with the UFO stain will wipe on the floor very smoothly and evenly. For darkest results floors can be water popped or see below for another option leaving wood open for stain. See owners manual for sanding diagrams page 4. UFO Manual.pdf

UFO Sandpaper system to leave wood open for stain

#1 Use a roll of sticky back autobody paper 80grit 5" or 6"
#2 Remove release backer
#3 fold edges as shown to look pie slice shaped
#4 stick on 3 or 4 or 5 on your buffing pad!
Simple but works only on the UFO! Leaves wood very open and stain soaks in deep and dark without scratches or marks.

Stop Screens from slipping under orbitals

We manufacture a pad that eliminates screens from slipping out from under orbitals. This pad is a red maintenance pad with a thin white pad bonded together. The red pad allows the pad to be rigid and last longer under orbital conditions. While the thin white pad stops the screen from slipping. These pad last a very long time and can be reused over and over. Part # SUDRW16

Hard plate with the UFO

Sand aggressively remove edger marks and chatter fast. Use our Lexan PSA Sandpaper driver (Part# SUDPSA) The driver is stiff and cuts flat, but still has a little flex to float with the floor Use any grit sticky backed sandpaper 16" 16-120grit (Part# S463-(grit)) When applying the sandpaper apply one piece of paper first and then the piece you are going to sand with over that piece. This allows the paper to be removed easily. Cut out the center of the sandpaper to allow dust to be drawn through the center of the pad, to stop dust from building up in the center, and causing the pad to teeter and create scratches. With the UFO the only sandpaper that can be used is paper that fastens over the whole surface so it does not tear off. Another option to use the 3M 16" Hook It. This has the plastic hook on the whole back of the sandpaper and if you drive it with a stiff maroon pad it will sand fast and flat. This 3M product is very sharp and cuts fast. Remember to still cut out the center of the sandpaper to reduce scratching.


The oil that is provided is to be used very sparingly to oil the gears through the two oiler cups on the top of the UFO housing. Under normal use only a few drops of oil are needed in each oiler cup once a week. Please note that this oil is special mixed to allow it to be sticky enough to stay on the gears and not leak, but thin enough to wick where needed. Part # UF62

When replacing bearings always use double lip rubber sealed bearings for dusty or wet environments.  If in doubt about what bearings to use please call or bearings will fail prematurely.
See main UFO Orbital Page for more information.