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  • Power Booster Clarke
For running 1 machine. This power booster has a 20amp 250 volt twist lock outlet.

The Power Booster provides dedicated power outlets for any floor sanding jobsite and overcomes high and low voltage conditions with its boost and buck power selector switch. This tool is ideal for new construction projects where the power supply is limited and shared by various trades. Simply connect the power booster to the power source and control a personal isolated power source. The dedicated duplex circuit protected 120 V lines provide power for the operation of edgers, vacuums, compressors, saws and routers. The rugged digital LED readout voltmeter assures accurate output readings for peak performance of sanding machines and electrical operated tools.

A simple 3-position operating switch provides quick selection of the mode needed:
The boost position protects expensive electrical components from low voltage conditions and improves the machine performance.
The buck position protects the components from rare but damaging high voltage situations.
The neutral or center position maintains the input voltage through to the output and provides an accurate reading of actual input voltage.

• Safe 4-wire inlet
• 8.4 KVA capacity transformers
• Dedicated duplex circuit breaker
• Rugged LED readout voltmeter
• Low profile 14-guage steel case

Part Number 40590A
Transformer 8.4 KVA capacity
Voltmeter Digital LED readout
Inlet 4-wire, locking, 250 V / 20 A 3-wire, locking, 250 V / 20 A
Outlet Duplex, circuit-protected 3-wire straight blade, nylon face, 125 V / 20 A non boosted
Construction 14-guage steel with non-marking grey rubber pads
Dimensions 9 in x 9 in x 6.75 in
Weight 25 lb
Warranty Parts and Labor - 2 Years

Please note that the 120v outlets are not boosted.
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Manufacturer Part Number
Clarke American Sanders 40590A

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Power Booster Clarke

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