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The UFO Orbital Buffer Attachment

45 pound geared orbital sands faster without swirl marks.

Adds orbital action and dust containment to your buffer.

Uses standard 16 screens & abrasives

Patented Orbital Attachment

One Large Pad Sands Smoother and Faster

Heavy Duty 1.5 hp buffer required

Call for more information and ordering (518) 875-6124


  • 13.7in. dia, 5in. high, 42lbs (without accessories)
  • Uses a 16 MightyLOC brush driver on the bottom to drive maintenance pad and abrasives.
  • All Aluminum Housing Construction
  • Uses Standard clutch driver to mount on most popular buffers (Clarke, Ceno, Mastercraft, Mercury, General, Powerflite and more).
  • The dust pipe is used as an anchor for the housing and must be used to enable orbital action.
  • Operates with any shop vac/commercial style vacuum (standard 1 1/2 vacuum pipe).
  • Unit has 9 sealed bearings, 5 hardened steel gears, and almost 100 total parts.
  • Built in slip clutch
  • Long life gears and double sealed bearings
  • Includes dust skirt

Please note the only 110 volt buffers we recommend are heavy duty 1.5hp or greater. Some medium duty buffers can still be used by changing to a 11-1 ratio gearbox (reduces rpm to 156, item #BM13). Most 220 volt 175 RRM buffers will run the UFO without a problem.

Also available as a Combo with a super heavy Duty Buffer
Click for HD Combo price Part# UFOCN

What is the UFO?

Its an attachment that goes on a regular heavy duty 1 1/2 hp 175 RPM buffer and turns it into the fastest sanding orbital sander. It can be removed for ease of transport or to use the buffer with a standard pad driver.

What does it do?

  1. It cuts 3 times or more FASTER. The orbital unit adds 50% more weight (42lbs) while the geared orbital action doubles the distance the abrasive travels increasing sanding speed while reducing scratches and swirl marks.
  2. It can sand fast enough to practically REMOVE CHATTER MARKS!

What makes the UFO better?

  1. It uses regular 16 screens, PSA Sand Paper, and double backed sand paper. No special paper required.
  2. One large pad floats and blends over uneven floors without hopping.
  3. You do not need to carry another large piece of equipment - just use with the buffer you already need.
  4. The buffer handles like a normal buffer. You do not have to push it around.
  5. GREAT DUST COLLECTION!!! Our patented concept of drawing the dust into the brush driver and through the unit is very efficient when used with sand screens or sandpaper with cut holes. Sand right up to the wall!!

-Its Faster! 3-6 times faster than a regular buffer! So you save time. -Dust collection! Only system that can sand to the WALL!
-The 16 edger? You can screen right up to the wall. Less time spent in finish edging.
-Hallways with cross grain wood can be sanded with your large machine and then finished with the UFO. Easier than edging the whole hallway again and again!
-Borders, parquette, inlays, herringbone and more are simple! Sand and screen as usual. The orbital action takes care of the normal problems with swirl marks.
-SANDS AWAY CHATTER WITH OUR SAND PAPER DRIVER -Get the Perfect finish for stains

UFO Customer Review Video


Putting the UFO on a buffer.

Put the maintenance pad on the pad driver to make it more comfortable to pickup the UFO.
Put the dust tube through the hole in the buffer.
Then stand as shown and pull the UFO towards you.
Align the clutch plate and the motor gearbox by turning the red pad.
Then turn the pad clockwise while standing behind the buffer to lock the UFO on the buffer.

Next run the buffer for a few seconds with the pad off the floor to fully lock the clutch in place.

Loading Sandpaper

Place the sand screen on the floor, and with the buffer handle in the vertical storage position, position the back of the red pad over the screen and tip up the buffer.

UFO Parts Schematic
UFO Manual.pdf

UFO Hardwood Orbital Tips and Information

Sanding stain jobs with the UFO
We recommend finish sanding with screens for stain jobs. Screens finish sand the finest. Remember to vacuum the floor before running the orbital on the floor and before the final screening for stain. To finish sand the finest with the UFO we recommend the final orbital sand to be with the grain. Keep the handle in line with the grain and push and pull the buffer forward and backward like a drum sander with the grain. Sand from left to right and half lap the pad across the floor as you sand. When sanding with the UFO stain will wipe on the floor very smoothly and evenly. For
darkest results floors can be water popped or see below for another option
leaving wood open for stain. See owners manual for sanding diagrams (page 4).

UFO Manual.pdf

UFO Sandpaper to leave wood open for stain

#1 Use a roll of sticky back autobody paper 80grit 5 or 6
#2 Remove release backer
#3 fold edges as shown to look pie slice shaped
#4 stick on 3 or 4 or 5 on your buffing pad!
Simple but works only on the UFO!
Leaves wood very open and stain soaks in deep and dark without
scratches or marks.

Stop Screens from slipping under orbitals
We manufacture a pad that eliminates screens from slipping out from under orbitals. This pad is a red maintenance pad with a thin white pad bonded together. The red pad allows the pad to be rigid and last longer under orbital conditions. While the thin white pad stops the screen from slipping. These pad last a very long time and can be reused over and over. Part # SUDRW16

Hard plate with the UFO
Sand aggressively remove edger marks and chatter fast.
Use our MEDIUM Maroon Pad to drive sandpaper(Part# USM16)
This driver is stiff and cuts flat, but still has a little flex to float with the floor
Use any grit sticky backed sandpaper 16 inch 16-120grit (Part# S463-(grit))
Cut out the center of the sandpaper and driver to allow dust to be drawn through the center of the pad, to stop dust from building up in the center, and causing the pad to teeter and create scratches. With the UFO the only sandpaper that can be used is paper that fastens over the whole surface so it does not tear off.

Another option to use the 3M 16 Hook It. This has the plastic hook on the whole back of the sandpaper and if you drive it with a stiff maroon pad it will sand fast and flat. This 3M product is very sharp and cuts fast.
Remember to still cut out the center of the sandpaper to reduce scratching.

When replacing bearings always use double lip rubber sealed bearings for dusty or wet environments. If in doubt about what bearings to use please call or bearings will fail prematurely.

Dust Skirt Included
Weight 45 lbs
Sold As Each

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UFO Oscillator Attachment Buffer

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