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Power Station +, Bona Booster


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  • Item Number: A06
  • Shipping Weight: 37lbs
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  • Manufactured by: Bona
Replacement for the following parts:
BONA AM0002417

This power booster is rated at 30 amps 230 volts. It has a 30amp twist lock 230 volt outlet, as well as a 20amp 110 volt duplex receptacle.

The Bona®Power Station Plus is the safe, inexpensive and convenient way to protect your valuable floor sanding equipment from high or low-voltage power situations. Use it as a power center to centrally connect your installation and floor sanding equipment. Use it to effectively run your floor sanding and vacuuming equipment, and adjust the power for your 230V units if your power supply drifts from the desired voltage range. Downtime is money out of your pocket. Your equipment is at tremendous risk for burnout during common job site situations such as when it is necessary to use extra long power cords; when the local utility gets hit with excessive demands for electricity; when you are forced to draw your power from a temporary power pole on a construction site; or when you assume a 230V source is delivering 230 volts. Play it safe and smart. With the Bona Power Station Plus there is no guessing about the power available to you. Once you are safely connected to your power source, the easy-to-read voltage meter will tell you how many volts of power are going to the box. Since the Power Station Plus has multiple voltage settings it can be easily adjusted to accommodate different jobsite power needs. You have the choice of using the Power Station Plus as a static power center for your 230V and 115V equipment or as a buck/booster for the 230V equipment when the circumstances dictate. Simply read the LED meter occasionally to see if the voltage feed from your main power source has changed enough to warrant a boost or decrease in power. The 115 volt (non-boosted) outlet offers a convenient 25 Amp power source protected internally via a circuit breaker with an external reset button (This circuit breaker offers equipment protection from power surges). The Bona Power Station Plus comes out of the box ready to use on a 4-wire setup. It satisfies GFI requirements on 4-wire systems so you can go right to work on any jobsite. We have included a pigtail to allow you to hook up to 4-wire setups quickly and conveniently. Other user-friendly features include the comfortable carry handle, lightweight compact design, and floor protective rubber feet. The sealed windings and durable heavy gauge steel housing make it a long lasting tool.

Digital Volt Meter
Voltage Adjustment Switch with Multiple Settings
Protective Rubber Feet
25 AMP Circuit Breaker
Two 110 outlets
Electrical Capacity: 7.2 KVA
Working Capacity: 30 AMPS via the 230 volt output receptacle; 20 AMPS via the twin outlet
receptacle (all outlets may be used simultaneously, see special instructions)
Input: (1) 4-wire, GFI, 230 volt 30 AMP twistlock
Output: (1) 230 volt 30 AMP twistlock (1) 115 volt 20 AMP duplex, straight leg receptacle
Pigtail: 230 volt 30 AMP twistlock with 10-4 cable to connect Power Station Plus to power supply
Weight: 29 lbs.
Dimensions: 5-78”W x 12-7/8”H x 5”D
Convenient Carry Handle

Please note that the 110v outlets are not boosted.

This product was added to our catalog on Tuesday 30 November, 1999.

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