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Machine Drive Belt List

The chart below shows the belts that fit most machines. Pleases note that many of the older drum sanders had several different sizes of pulleys, so the correct belt size for your machine may be different from the ones listed.

For belt dimensions, see the Belt Size Chart

Drum & Belt Sanders

Machine Drum Belt Fan Belt
American 8 Adjustable 5L390 4L340
American 8 Baldor 3VX375 3L320
American 8 Howell 5L400 4L350
American 8 Motor Kit 5L400 4L340
American 8 Peerless 5L400 4L340
Apollo 8 3VX375 3L270
Bona Belt PV328J7 or PV340J61 PV250J5 or PV260J5
Bona Super 8 3VX395 3VX300
Clarke 504 5L390 or BX36 4L330
Clarke/Portercable CF12 BX40 4L340
Clarke/Portercable F89 B36 4L310
Classic 8 – Narrow 3VX425 3L300
Classic 8 – Wide B38 4L300
Floorcrafter 3VX375 3L280
Galaxy 2000 & Omega PV380J8 or PV390J82 PV360J5
Hummel HS186 HS187
KT Taurus & NT8 BX37 or BX363 3L280
Orebro 10 AX32 3VX265
Silverline Pro 8 SS131 SS132A (Idler 3VX250)
Standard 8 4L400 or 4L410 4L370 or 4L360
1. PV328J7 fits serial number up to and including BB0623; PV340J6 fits serial number BB0624 and above.
2. PV380J8 fits most machines, but will be too tight on some older machines.
3. BX37 fits most machines, some very old machines take BX36.


Some extension edgers have different length noses, each taking a different belt. See the parts diagram for the correct belt.

Edger Belt
Bona Edge (Pre-2006)*
Bona Edge
Bona Edge XL
Bona Mini Edge
Bona Viking
Clarke CE7 CP18
Clarke SE7 CP19
Clarke Super E See Parts Diagram
DRE10 Radiator Edger 3L250
DRE13 Radiator Edger 3L310
Galaxy Elite GE10
Harvester Radiator Edger 3VX315
IOB 10” Radiator Edger 4L270
IOB 13” Radiator Edger 3L320
KT Vega VE10
Lagler Elan See Parts Diagram
Lagler Flip See Parts Diagram
Lagler Unico See Parts Diagram

* The Pre-2006 model has the light on the outside, the newer models have the light built in.

Other Machines

Machine Belt
Trio Fan
Trio Drive